a delightful cotton candy service!

Experience the thrill of receiving a humongous cone of cotton candy at your own event! Organic, no dyes, squeaky clean and super cute!

Now serving in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff, Illinois.



Cotton candy is great on it's own, but how awesome would it be to eat it while riding your own real actual  unicorn?? 

*While supplies last.

Cotton candy is difficult in space


Astronauts struggle with a lack of cotton candy in space. It's just not practical. But land-based people have no problem. You can thank your lucky stars for that!

Cotton candy vs. balloons


Balloons are okay as decorations, but they pop when you bite them and they taste terrible!

"The kids loved the cotton candy from Ta-Da Treats at our daughter's birthday party. Highly recommend!"

Dave Gaspar

Lake Forest




About Ta-Da! Treats

It's not rocket science...we bring a cotton candy machine to your party or event and pass out cones of warm, delicious, organic, dye-free cotton candy to your delighted guests! 

Our candy is sweet, the staff is food certified, and the equipment is clean and tidy.

Our job: cotton candy, your job: enjoying your rising popularity...


$95 per hour includes all you can eat!

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